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Bill - Uxbridge

I have had 3 trips to Kiev now so I feel it is important to pass on a little about my experiences there, and with this company, ASA Vantage Romantic Adventures. To put it bluntly, there is nowhere I would rather go, be it rain or shine. I thought I was quite well travelled, however I really have been enlightened by the companionship with women that I have found on every trip. Why have I not got married? Because I have been having too much fun.
I want to say that I have travelled the world with work and I have been around, not least Thailand, Cuba, LA, Europe, Norway, North and Southern Ireland. In between these trips I have been wasting a lot of time in England. My marriage went down the pan and I have been let down by enough girls. There are simply too many men chasing the same women here, and they are all on a pedestal. I can honestly say I have had my fun on my tours, but none of them compare with Kiev.
I tried the usual dating agencies for meeting English girls in the UK, but the results there make my nails curl so I won't even go down that road - diabolical waste of money that was.
However, throughout my trips to Kiev, never have I needed to spend an evening alone. There are too many girls to choose from. If I had been in communication with 5 or 6 via the agency, once I booked a trip, they always had 5 or 6 more girls in line who would have liked to meet me for a coffee, to see if something more could develop - the dream! For me it was perfect. Intelligent evenings with a beautiful lady, classical music or variable entertainment venues to relax the nights away. The agency provided me with that assurance that I would not be without wonderful company of my choice. If you are ever on your own in Kiev, it is because you have not found a reputable and genuine agency.
The perfect day for me was to spend an afternoon with one lady, and an evening with another, and then, on occasion, go off and meet some guys in one of the many places where the local expatriates go. We would meet there and someone was always going to a club or a more exotic (or is it erotic) place full of girls. Basically, you can be extremely busy and choosy in Kiev, what a perfect position to be in. I do not know what more can a man want. When I calm down a bit and I accept that I am going on forty, and then I will choose my wife - what a relief I have other options, and I am not totally at the mercy of the English birds.

Mark Turner - London

I was starting to get depressed waiting to find love!
I will make some general observations about why I first used your dating service Romantic Adventures. I know I am not the only person who has tried free dating services and matchmaking dating services. I have also tried to explore dating advice books and searched the internet for dating tips. At one point, I even started to memorize love poems and love quotes. Unfortunately for me (or is it fortunately) this was all a total waste of time.
What I did not understand was that the problem with finding a date was not me; it was my circumstances and my environment. It is not my fault that I am self-employed selling financial advice etc., mainly to older women and men. The only time I see a beautiful girl is either on TV or when I manage to get away on a holiday, the rest of the time I am working too many hours saving up to get away.
OK occasionally I have wandered into town at the weekend, usually having had a few to many and end up with the hundreds of men and the few wild women that are around making more noise than the men. There's always the occasional hot woman around, but there's always about twenty men got eyes for her in the club, who are much younger than me.
Also, isn't it amazing how many fat women you see in these clubs and pubs? I am almost 40 and may be I have put a few stone on but Christ these 18 year old fat chicks in the UK are hideous. Big fat bellies hanging out sucking on fags and munching meat pies walking down the street. There seems to be a growing underclass of ugly fat hairy women with tattoos. The site of them could put you off love making forever.
Surprisingly enough, even the fat women in England have got chips on their shoulders and the men are even going out with them, they have no option. The options for many men in England is actually one of the following: stay single, choose a fat or an ugly girl (both if your really desperate); or you may find a slim girl who is quite attractive. If you have been that lucky you will pay for it. Don't do anything wrong because she will have so many men in the shadows to take your place. You only need to glance at another mans girlfriend in England and you can see the mans jealousy, ready to fight you at an instance. What a desperate scenario.
BUT I have got some very good news. I have been playing catch up this year, and it has saved my life from total boredom and desperation. When I found www.romanticadventures.co.uk it caught my attention immediately because they were in England. I was always sceptical, and heard horror stories about Russia etc and would not have taken that risk. But here was a company with beautiful girls managed from England, with staff over there. I rang them and have never looked back since, and it is best value than most dating services I have used before, and the tours I have spent less also than my other holidays, because I have had beautiful russian women to keep me sane.
I basically decided that it was time I started to have some fun - if it was possible - and believe me I did, on every trip and I can't wait for the next.
But why am I so anxious to go on my next trip? It's simply because there are loads of girls. Matchmaking dating services no longer required full stop. Obviously my intention when I choose these girls from the website is that I am looking for a future wife, but what's the rush. On each trip I meet between 4 and 6 women, depending how long I go for. I have been twice this year and am hoping to go back to Kiev soon. It's great! I usually have a night in the Renaissance Hotel at Heathrow to get me in the mood, and I feel like a king the whole holiday - totally revitalizing and I usually lose weight also because I am so active.
But why I go is not just because there are a lot of these Ukraine Russian girls, it is because they are also great to be with. They are all the things you want from real women. The girls dress beautifully. Long legs and high healed shoes. Don't need makeup but use it sensibly. If you have heard of russian teen model then here they are in abundance.
There are also loads of romantic places to go in Kiev. I am into restaurants with a bit of classical music in the background with a glass of red wine with beautiful women. I can't ask for more than that but I get it. There are the night spots also, Arena, River Palace are packed with girls (not the right kind though depends what you want) and there are loads of other night clubs where the normal Russian Ukraine girls go to. There are also many expatriates and Westerners knocking around so you are sure to find someone to chat to, and the locals will only be too pleased to test their English skills.
Like I said this is just some maybe basic observations about my experiences/opinions, but I am certain you will not be disappointed using romanticadventures.co.uk and I think it is the best dating tip you could give to any of your single friends. Basically the problem with dating for men in the UK is over, if they have got the energy to get on a plane.

Russell Hardy Thomson - South End

I would like to say thank you very much for providing so much support and guidance which has transformed my life. Also thanks for the additional guidance with the procedures involved in arranging the visa for my fiancée Elizabetha. It still seems so strange even after two months I can't believe this Ukraine girl is living with me, and our relationship is getting stronger and stronger as each day goes by, it really has made life worth living.

Russell Newton - Northwood

I'm 51, and I'm now working part-time with an old friend who set up a Private Detective agency. Previously I was a Sergeant in the Para's for 22 years, which has given me the freedom to search for a partner as I am semi-retired.
I had tried the different dating agencies in the UK for a couple of years, and those experiences were not so hot. I had quite a few meetings with a variety of women most of them were neither my type, nor I theirs. One agency charged me £800 to find me 12 dates, and of course they said they could find me my match based on what I was looking for. One criterion I had was that I wanted to meet slim women as I still keep in shape myself and that is what I like. I went on this date and she was a nice girl but she was one enormous woman - that's obviously why they do not put photos on the site, because no one would join if they saw that one. At least she was young because the 2 dates prior to that were older women which did not suit me at all, but at least they turned up. About 3 other girls cancelled when I was on the motorway driving to meet them - basically they bottled out, or were just messing me about I gave up with the agency that charged me £800 because I really thought they were just taking the piss, but someone told me about Romantic Adventures in a pub and that took my mind off that rip-off company, because I was astounded when I looked at the photos on the site.
I never really hit it off with anyone since my first marriage until I found Svetlana, through ASA Vantage Romantic Adventures. She's been here with me 4 months, by my side at every moment. I actually had two trips and probably met about 30 women in total but it was worth it because I am totally at ease when I am with her and I am sure she is the right one - she really does bring out the best in me which was something that I was really beginning to need. She's just the best girl and I am getting married here in November, but having the celebration with her family in Kiev over Christmas. After that we are house hunting for somewhere quiet and on the coast further North because we want children. My son who is 27 is in shock, because my girl is 26, but no doubt its got his mind ticking over. Cheers Steve!

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